Hi there,

we started this website on 31 december 2016 and we’re trying to bring you the best candids on the net. We’re just a couple of guys who met at the subreddit /r/candid on Reddit. Poorly enough that subreddit got banned for not following the Reddit rules, so we immediatly started another subreddit called Candids & Voyeur.

It’s from there that Rorschach84 started programming this website. After creating an example, he contacted Black Batman on Reddit. From there things got really fast, we got ourself a some decent webhosting on WRZhost.com and a couple days later we we’re already running!

Our goal?

Let’s get some things straight here : we LOVE women! No matter in what size or shape they come, we love ’em! We just want to share real photos and videos of real women. Just because we love to look at them ;-). That’s why we want to give back to the community what the community did for us. So don’t forget : sharing is caring 🙂

If you think something should be added to our site, or you wanna help out, or you want to share your material/collection, always feel free to contact us by the contact page.

That’s quite it, we believe.

Our Team :

The Black Batman – Founder/Contributor

Nationality : American
Hometown : New York
Age : 29
Status : Married
Kids : 2
Languages : English
Job : Forklift Truck Driver

Rorschach84 – Web Programmer/Contributor

Nationality : Belgian
Hometown : Charleroi
Age : 34
Status : Relationship
Kids : 3
Languages : Dutch, French, English
Job : Software Analyst